Junior Members Trophy
The junior members of the Society have an award whereby the total number of points accumulated in the Spring Show is added to the points gained in the Autumn Show and the person with the highest
  number of points in all age groups wins the Top Score Award.
  This trophy was kindly donated by Mr Glenn & Mrs Joanna   
  Berry (our Vice President) back in 2011 as a reward for all the 
  wonderful efforts made by the youngsters. 
  The winners are as follows:-

  2017    William Steward
  2016    joint winners Layla Pimble and Lucas Pimble 
  2015    Lucas Pimble
                                                     2014    Lucas Pimble
                                                     2013    Layla Pimble
                                                     2012    Katie Newman
                                                     2011    Katie Newman